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Document storage

We strongly advise you not to store your valuable documents at home and take advantage of our storage facilities at a small annual premium.

With our storage facility you will receive:

  • A copy of your estate plan to keep at home.
  • A Certificate of Secure Storage to identify what is in Store.
  • You may store additional documents such as your property deeds or policies.
  • Details for your executors on how to retrieve your will and estate plan when required.

Funeral planning

We provide Funeral Plans that can be prepaid before death, giving the advantage of planning your own funeral and relieving your loved ones of the financial burden of having to find the money before probate is finalised.

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Inheritance tax

Inheritance Tax is paid at the rate of 40% on the amount that exceeds this threshold. So, out of every £1 over the threshold your beneficiaries will only keep 60p, 40p will go to Her Majesties Revenue and Customs.

Gifts to charities are generally exempt from Inheritance Tax. If you leave a charitable gift it will be deducted from your estate before the Inheritance Tax liability is calculated.

If you estimate your estate to be liable to IHT then have you made any gifts? As these could be liable to tax upon your death.

Living wills

In the majority of cases when an individual is ill, they are able to talk to their doctor and mutually reach a decision about their treatment. It is a vital point of law that a mentally competent adult has to consent to medical treatment; it cannot be forced upon them.

However, there are times where an individual maybe unable to communicate their wishes to their doctor or a medical team. For example, being unconscious or they are lacking the mental capacity to be able to agree or disagree to any treatment that maybe rendered.


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